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Who We Are

The North Portland Alano Club (NPAA) of Portland has been a home for recovery from addictions for over 25 years and counting.. Like all Alano Clubs it is a meeting place that is not a recovery group in itself, but instead a host of many independent meetings. Meeting types include but are not limited to: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Alanon, Alateen, and Adult Children of Alcoholics and Spanish Alcoholics Anonymous.

The North Portland Alano Club (NPAA) has been an important source of Twelve-Step recovery support in North Portland for over 25 years and counting. Each month more than 3,000 visitors find hope, healing, and solutions in our various rooms. All of the Club’s meetings, workshops and social events are firmly rooted in the Twelve-Step recovery model, which has brought long-term sobriety and a return to civic and personal responsibility to millions of recovering people worldwide. In fact, it is now estimated that more than 90% of all in-patient treatment programs incorporate the Twelve-Step model into their treatment curriculum.

The North Portland Alano Club (NPAA) is one the biggest recovery support clubs in North Portland Oregon. On average, the Club hosts more than 30 support meetings each week across 5 distinct Twelve-Step programs. On Thanksgiving and Christmas the Club provides a holiday dinner for its extended recovery community and round-the-clock meetings for those in need. The Club sporadically hosts speaker meetings, recovery workshops and social events regularly throughout the year.

While the North Portland Alano Club (NPAA) was originally started in 1991 to support members of Alcoholics Anonymous and their families, today the Club’s reach and scope has widened significantly to include the following Twelve-Step programs: Alcoholics Anonymous, Dual Diagnosis Anonymous, Al-Anon, Narcotics Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, Co-Dependents Anonymous. Within these programs the Club also offers gender specific meetings, meetings for youth and meetings for the GLBT community.